After a scheme analysing the style of newspaper articles (updated to take into account new media) my students wrote a series of articles about a shark attack in Scarborough bay.

I was pleased with how many students were able to combine a variance of techniques into their articles. Many do not read newspapers, so they are not assimilating this style by osmosis.

Tense changes and occasionally inaccurate developments in paragraph form are our main focus (along with the our/are and there/their homophone.)

As you can see from the anonymous marking, some points are difficult to express to students (or to check for understanding) with classroom talking. Therefore, the marking will be used over several lessons, with a navigator to assess learning.

The marking was pictured with a digital camera, inserted into a PPt with the insert photo album option. The box was inserted around the comments for quick guidance, and then exported as a .pdf. Took 15 minutes in total.

Year 8 Articles 2012