Write anything in any style!

Use words from your vocabulary sheet.
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Write anything in any style

Desperate for the night to close, Darkman cast one foot into the inky depths of the night. The nefarious mayor, long since derided for corruption and ebullience, had sought his revenge – and found it.

Behind Darkman burned the creaking embers of what used to be the city hospital. InsideThe remains of the Children’s Ward, newly built with his incredible reserves of affluence. The heat of the fire only matched the beat of his ire.

His anger continued when he arrived back in his secret lair; his butler, Fredal, chastising him on his nearly fatal escapade.

“What were you thinking, Sir?” Alfre… Fredal spat with barely-contained derision.

Darkman always felt compelled to explain to his Butler his actions. A confused mash of gadgets and fist-fights and all manner of deadly encounters was relayed. As he grew more excited – his enjoyment belying the danger – his eyes loomed huge like casted moon-shadows over his haggard face.

Af…Fredal had long grown tired of such chatter. Mr And…Darkman was pretentious. Why did he spend all his time spending his billions on beating on criminals? Why didn’t he just spend those billions on an education system that would fundamentally prevent children from becoming criminals in the first place?

Still, I guess Batm…Darkman wouldn’t find that so much fun.

Sentence Variance, main focus