Argue for or against a school uniform

For Against
1 Stops bullying
– people buying clothes not worth
– people bullied for colours
3 Stops diversity
– what are schools for?
– Democratic society
2 Saves money
– don’t have to buy as much
– student could be more demanding
– tight economic climate
4 Student choice
– how to become useful citizens
– adults can choose…
5 Represents the school
– to recognise good deeds
– pride in school
– getting used to other jobs
– risky if outside school


Intro 1-3 sentences 

Bullying in schools is the fundamental concern for parents today. What could be a more effective, yet most straightforward, way of tackling this than having a school uniform?
Main Body: 5 paragraphs.1-2 paragraphs longer – 5-8 sentences
1 paragraph shorter – 1-2 sentences
2-3 paragraphs normal –  3-5 sentences


School uniforms, when established and worn with pride, help stop bullying.

Students who are economically deprived are three times more likely to be bullied.

Critics of school uniform ignore these advantages and instead bleat about the notion of diversity.

Student choice is essential, but only for those things that matter.

A school functions best when the students are proud to represent it.