Kudos to my two students who made it back into school after a long day organising a festival! My apologies for my absence. This is the work for you:

Part 1

1) Go onto the school website, and find the English revision page here. http://staugs.co.uk/?page_id=779
2) Find the page turner tool under the heading of tasks to be completed for literature.

3) Complete two tasks of analysis with this suggests, furthermore, however, therefore.  See Teacher’s Work Files.

Part 2

4) Download this file: LD and LB

5) Find five quotations that stand out to you.

6) Write five questions about the passage (perhaps relating to the question.)

7) Complete five extension questions (second page, this counts as a literature homework, too.)

See me, too, for the homework marking. Examples of all this on in the Teacher’s Work Files – English.