One of my 10 minute tasks today is to replace one of our assessments in Year 8 (the reading of The Lady of Shalott by Lord Tennyson) with something else. Previously we were teaching PEE using the LoS. I found that the previous module (reading a class novel, such as Private Peaceful, or Holes, or Boy in the Striped Pyjamas) to be better suited to exploring the purpose of the PEE format.

The reading APP needs to suitably stretch the most able, and also to benefit those who need support. I trust that they are all designed to do that – they are DFES after all! Personally I have found some of the best material to have been created from 2000-2004/5 or so. That is the material I am still using, and that I feel has credibility.

The APP itself needs to be related to poetry. You would have thought that ‘Journey to a Poem’ would be suitable. But that is actually more suited to (auto)biography, which we set in Year 8. Therefore, the options are:

Uncle Ifor’s Welsh Dresser – Yr8 Pupil reading


I think the latter. ‘Relationships’ could be the link.