The new year awaits us all, and no new resolutions are needed for me. Be healthy, read more, love well – these should be daily habits, crafted through daily effort. 

Although several dozen blog posts lay dormant on draft, I continue to craft in real life. My blog – once a colleague to whom I talked frankly – is dusty. Its future should evolve.  

In the early years of my two-decade blogging experience, other blogs were my go-to for insights and perspectives. However, my internet diet has become less varied and organic. Now, newspapers and Reddit curate my online consumption. I do not write for a newspaper and I am yet to expand my online presence.  

Despite the pervasiveness of social media, I refuse to tie my mind into it. Instagram leaves me cold. Twitter, once a free resource depository, has somehow got even worse. 

I believe the privilege of teaching literature is to explore the human experience with those who can change – young people. Two decades into the profession I appreciate the contentment teaching offers me. One day I will write about that journey, and the fortunate privilege I currently experience. Even better, and sooner, I would like to inspire others to travel further than I have, should they despite to expend the same dedication and effort.

I appreciate those who craft in teaching. Whatever you do, take time and reflect. Our choices are often arbitrary, but we can be open about why we make them. The authentic teaching experience shared here extends beyond the boundaries of the profession.

I recognize the room within our field for lifecoaches and entrepreneurs, acknowledging the diverse paths individuals may choose. Those who beg, borrow and steal from us validate their heroic journeys. 

There has been more call for practical curriculums shared in their totality. A lesson by lesson structure of a two-year curriculum is a valuable resource. Structured for responsiveness, such a curriculum will help those just starting, and provoke those who craft.

I will write that in time.