Technology in Education

Technology and (vs?) Education

Technology and Education is a lucrative market. It can also, in the hands of an experienced teacher with a real map of their subject, be a tremendous enabler. Below you can find some examples of useful ways to use technology. 

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Screencasting, especially when it is focused on metacognition, can do more than just tell pupils how to think. It can stimulate thought and learning in ways not always possible in the conventional time-frame of classroom teaching. 


Although flawed in its syncing and somewhat clunky in its design, OneNote offers excellent opportunities for extended study and thought when integrated in particular ways. 

Video Marking Library: Blended Learning Options

Lessons should be prompts for further thought outside the classroom. Here you can see the video marking library developed and used in my classroom and schools that you can potentially look to integrate yourself. 

Useful Apps

Encouraging technology use through app recommendation is flawed: good practice is to integrate apps over a period of time. Some apps, however, are useful. Check them out here. 

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