I keep Facebook as primarily a professional networking tool. However, it is quite rare that I receive useful professional interaction via it. Indeed, I would say that 1% of my time on it is actually meaningful social interaction. Seeing as I’m the kind of person who has given up £100s of Nectar card points under the guise that I don’t want a faceless machine knowing anything about me, I don’t yet seem to have clicked on that Google and FB know more about me than (m)any people.

It was to my delight that a TES thread I posted about how to teach research skills received immediate, and useful, replies. In particular, one teacher wrote a hilarious faux-profile about Shakespeare for kids to research and correct, and another teacher wrote extensively about how to teach research skills.

see the thread here: http://community.tes.co.uk/forums/t/548708.aspx
see the post about teaching research skills (excellent content) here: http://www.idiscoveriteach.com/2012/01/teaching-research-skills.html