There is often (righteous) argument raging in schools across the world about what should be taught to students – often more by those who aren’t at the chalk face. Some excellent (and satirical) blogs question the idea of learning ‘skills’ and suggest that there was a golden age (or that there should at least be a golden age) where learning knowledge should trump all things in education.

What I know is that I’m reasonably intelligent. But as an 80s and 90s child, I was not taught research skills (or, if I perhaps was, it was not taught in a way that I discernably remember now.)

Our school tries not to put on DVDs at the end of term. I found the interminably screening of the first half of films irksome as a student – I remember that even now. Instead I see many research lessons being planned.

This reminds me of another to-do-lister: how to teach research skills. I thought about this being an INSET session, but our INSET is tight enough as it is.

A great post relating to this is here: