In the beating heat of high summer 46 pupils travelled to Driffield Show and brought back 43 prizes to an impressed St Augustine’s School community. Achievement was shown across vairious competitions : Art, Textiles, Catering, Handicrafts and Gardening Club. There were¬†entries to the secondary school challange cup and individual entries.

A total of 43 prizes were won:

Art 6 prizes including 1 best exhibit in the class for ceramics went to year 9

Textiles 16 prizes including, fashion, cushions, bags

Best exhibit in class went to Year 7 planner cover

7 prizes won by catering and 1 best in class for jam tarts Year 10

Gardening club won 13 prizes for miniture gardens, decorated eggs, cards.

The school gardening club of 20 budding gardeners came second place in the young growers secondary school challenge cup.

Mrs Thompson entred one of the gardens beautiful large cabbages which won first prize. However shock horror at the end of the day to find someone had taken it and left their much smaller one.

Everybody had a very enjoyable and successful day. The school had won a large amount of prizes and the standard was very high.

A big thank you to the pupils and teachers for their efforts.