Study Skills 

Balancing Efficiency and Confusion

A necessary part of getting better at anything is a period of confusion where you become increasingly aware of that which you do not know. To experience this in study where an exam is looming can be outrageously stressful. Therefore, balancing the efficency of note-taking with the challenging confusion of higher-level thought is at the heart of study skills. Here you will find summaries of some of the very best study skill you need to study in school and in life. 

Cornell Notes

Barely anyone I know was taught effective note-taking skills. The Cornell Notes system is flexible, useful and proven to encourage more critical reading and reflection. I would say it is essential to learn well: those who learn well without it use its universal principles. Here you will find screencasts and other sources of information of how to use this system for taking notes. 

Using OneNote for Study

Whilst OneNote has ongoing quirks, and its rivals such as Evernote and GoogleDocs are duly powerful, OneNote allows powerful and effective study and teaching methods. Here you will see a teacher tracking how a school and its students attempt to utilise OneNote in study..

Using Screencasting and Videos

Screencasting that demonstrates particular processes of thought are priceless. With our particularly fragemented socities, the ability to  listen to the advice of experts (or othewise!) is a wonderful boon which is still underused. Read here to see ways of creating and sources useful screencasts. 

Methods of Reading

Distinctive methods of reading are available to us all. Read more about them here.

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