It’s been a while since I’ve written any of the stories I’ve intend to write. I’ve spent time handling my host who, until now, have been sound. However, that’s taken a little time to sort out.

I have an idea to write parts of story for my class. As part of this, I am finding it particularly difficult to write during the holidays. So my class are writing creatively and reading as I do this.

This will continue the story from where the students have found a tunnel in Mr M’s room, and they have fashioned some makeshift weapons. They will flee to the PE part of the school.

The dark mouth of the tunnel gurgled at the inside of the room. Now the screams had subsided, a blanket of despondent hush has fallen on the students.

A sound began emerging from the tunnel, something like the gnawing of a mass of rats. It was terrifying. Ryan knew the damage that angry rats could cause, and imagined their soggy claws rending skin; their rancid teeth razoring eyes! He shuddered, and turned to the group that was left.

“We can’t stay here. It’s too dangerous.” Ryan stood, as assured as an oak.

“Where else can we go?!” Evie cried. She had already backed away towards the door.

“Anywhere but here. Look.”

The crowd zombies were starting to thin outside the window. Like a scarf falling from an irate Wolves fan, they were drifting towards the entrance to the tunnel. Hundreds of Zombified Scarborians were readying themselves for their freshly packed lunch…

“I can’t stay here!” Evie trembled.

Flynn didn’t need telling twice. Grabbing the hunk of steel, he cleared the glass of the classroom door that led to the hallway. The smash echoed across the room. Tinkling diamonds bounced on the floor as his steel pipe cleared a hole to freedom.

“We can get out here!” Flynn shouted triumphantly, before Sebastian pushed the door lock.

It slipped open quietly.

“Oh,” Flynn exclaimed. Still, he was secretly happy that he had the chance to break some glass.

“Don’t make so much noise,” Sebastian warned.

Flynn didn’t need to ask why as Alex had already stepped out and pointed at what faced them. Although many of the zombies had slipped away to stalk them outside, a few still remained shambling beside the pizza king trays and work experience office.

Our heroes fled the room just as the first wave of zombies washed inside. Many, who will not be named, pushed past Kendall and others to escape. Many, except Adrian. He grabbed a giant pencil sharpener and leapt into the fray. “You’ll never take me alive!” he said, drawing his arm back in anger.

He didn’t have to be taken alive, and the dozen zombies converged on his brave body. In a short time he was like a cheese string, except as red a fizzed-up cherryaid cola.

Still, this brought enough time for the students to run past the few zombies that remained. They fled past the curtains, over the polished floor, across the changing doors, past the piano and into the  gym. The gurgling was following them.

The only escape was the climb up the gym equipment. They shimmied up, all except Alex who found an aluminium baseball bat lying on the floor, waiting to be picked up.

With a glint in his eye, Alex picked up the back, and adopted a relaxed pose as the first of the zombies ran into the gym.

Our heroes were ready to make their last stand. Alex looks straight at the reader as he begins to swing his baseball bat for the first time.

“This is where the fun begins.”