Rhetoric for all

There is a distinctive distrust of rhetoric in the contemporary world as an institution of corporate manipulation and distortion. Yet rhetoric, for all its linguistic brutality, is open to all. Being able to speak, connect and persuade any other person is perhaps the most useful skill anyone can learn. Here you will read of techniques you can teach yourself, and your students (if you are a teacher) in the realm of rhetoric. 

World Schools Debating

School debate teams are a wonderful way for young people to battle the wits of others and gain real experience in the realm of rhetoric. Here you can see reading lists, competitive advice and links to videos of debating focused on the dominant World’s style. Discussion and reflection on running a debate club is also provided. 

Public Speaking and Presenting

Apparently, the top three fears in the West are (in order) death, public speaking, and moving house. Therefore, as the joke goes, at a funeral it is less scary to be in the ground than it is to be on the pulpit! Here you can see discussion and reflection on improving your public speaking.

Speaking in Class

Speaking in groups, whether it be a work team, a school class, or clients requires distinct awareness. Focused on managing speaking in school groups, this looks at total participation techniques where interest and attention is maintained as far as humanly possible in class groups.  

Interviews for University and Beyond

Succeeding in interviews is essential, especially if you do not posses the kind of social connections that the very best job often demand. Here you can find links to some of the best thought on how to succeed in interviews. 

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