After ten years teaching I have begun to gather the threads of what tangibly makes a difference to the work produced by my students. In terms of teaching how to analyse fiction, I have devised some formulas that are apparently working.

I have always achieved value-added across every class, every year, with “stretch targets”. However, these formulas appear to improve analysis more consistently. They work precisely because they cannot be detected as formulas: they are far in advance of PEE, but they allow students of all academic abilities (providing they are at least E-grade) to achieve greater than before.

For my students reflecting on their recent mocks, I include here the spreadsheet for doing so. Download and:

1) Indicate the type of analysis used for each sentence/chunk/section.

2) Email to me at my work email address.

We will identify patterns and targets from this.

Download the: 10 Types of Analysis Reflection May 2014