One aspect of teaching English is the balance between planning and reacting. Sometimes I admit I envy rotation subjects whereby a series of lessons is refined: I know they envy my greater contact time (at times!).

As a result conversations are often had about which subject works the hardest. The answer I give it that each subject is somewhat different.

Maths: Students cannot even attempt it if they do not have a full understanding already
Science: Students have to cover an extraordinary amount of content
English: Students can not discern skills so easily
PE: Teachers have to officially have contact hours outside of weekdays

If a teacher wishes to be idle, they can be. If a teacher wishes to think they work ‘harder’ than others, they can. The only way to move past this mentality is to have your own standard of work, and to follow that. You standards will match those expected of you: to be great in a people profession, you only have to be good.

So, with all this in mind, how could I possibly return to ongoing programmes of practice? I think a greater use of notifications, so as with Wunderlist, would be of great benefit. Doing so will allow me to return to homeworks, vocabulary and key ideas in general in a lesson. This allows repeated (at least three?) applications of a topic to secure knowledge.

I will test this and see how it goes, using a notification!