Seeing how others do it

The clever person learns from their mistakes; the wise person learns from someone else’s. It is not possible to learn or flourish without being able to read well. If your peers are only those who live on your street or those immediately with you at work or school, then look around – is that the limit of your mind? Reading widely and voraciously and critically is entirely necessary to make you better at almost anything. 

Reading Speed and Techniques

Teaching someone to read is an almost impossible task in a classroom, not least because we do not truly understand the processes by which people seem to acquire language. There are, however, techniques that can help you improve the power and efficency of your reading. Read more about those here. 

Reading Lists for Life

If you leave school having only read the books given to you in class and never build upon that, your mind is limited to such a narrow spectrum of existence. Here you will find reading lists recommended by the best selective schools in England, as well as the thoughts of a working English teacher on what to read. 

Sources of Non-Fiction

For twenty-five years I have at least one paper every day, and usually two or three. Regardless of your beliefs, do not limit the range of papers which you read. With the digital age of paywalls and advertisement, it is essential that you read widely and critically the non-fiction sources of the world, from established journalists to earnest bloggers. 

Book Clubs

Many people enjoy Book Club while they experience different jobs. Being well read is to enjoy an internal landscape of life far enriched than any social or cultural (or economic!) capital can give you. 

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