Questions about Mr A’s Reading Method Year 11
15th November

General questions about using the method
How do you identify key points?
What is the first thing you must do?
What should you look for in a text?
Can you list the three steps of the MARM?  

General questions about the purpose of the method
What is the point?
What is the main point of MARM?
Has Mr Anderson’s method helped you?
How will these methods help us?
How can the Anderson method of reading help with other aspects of English?
Will I use it for any other reason?

Questions about skim-reading
Why do you need to skim-read the text?
How to skim-read
What are the three points for skim reading?
Why is skim-reading important?
How can you skim read easily?
Why should you skim read?
Why is skim-reading important?
How long should you skim-read for and how many times should you do it?
What is the real purpose behind skim reading?
Why is skim reading important?

Questions about audience and purpose
How can you further discover purpose?
How can you tell who the audience is? And the purpose?
How can I identify purpose and audience easily?
What’s more importance – audience or purpose?
Why do we need to know purpose and audience?

Questions about topic sentences
Why must you identify topic sentences?
Why would topic sentences help to find the purpose?
Why are topic sentences important?