The desire to save time is a constant urge for teachers.

The ability to drive the activities of a lesson to react to the students and their learning is a judicious aspiration.

There is a limited number of tasks that students can do; these tasks are best done with an element of repetition and conditioning.

For the past eight years or so I have divided my planning between that to be seen by other teachers and that to be seen by students. Anything to be seen by the students is written once, directly onto the PowerPoint. From that principle, teachers can plan lessons efficiently, to observation standard, while still enjoying something of a life!

V2.0 uses graphic design principles. It also has great sophistication to allow responses to students. It has rubrics updated to the AQA specification, and timers present and adjustable on key slides.

It is easily editable, with a lesson hopefully being quick to create with a activities easier to combine both adhoc, and with prior planning.

This is the best planning I have created to date, and makes me excited to teach this term ahead.

The questions are extremely useful, especially the questions from last lesson.

The music library is especially useful – it means that the teacher does not need to plan the music for each part in advance, but can rather choose serendipitiously

The rubrics can be combined with a visualiser, or the recording of responses during a lesson, to norm reference judgements and aspirations.

This will be available for purchase and personalisation soon.