That time has come again to plan for OFSTED. It takes my back to my PGCE days where lesson plans took an inordinately long time and didn’t necessarily produce a better lesson. However, they certainly aided the reflection afterwards. I have worked past 9pm, which is generally my cut-off point.

I have realised that my general standard of planning and my use of plenaries/starters and L/Os etc. has certainly risen these past two years. I have also realised that, like time management, filing is something that teachers must teach themselves.

At this point I’m excited for tomorrow. I critique myself regularly (hence writing a blog about my work.) Therefore, to have the reason to raise my game is strangely pleasing.

I must say, out of all things, I look forward to seeing how my students respond to another observer in the room. Normally they are themselves: all credit should go to them for the positivity of the upcoming inspection.