I though it would be useful to show the planning stages of a WSC lecture for both students and teachers. I followed these principles:

a) I brainstormed (via a PowerPoint) the key ideas that I wanted to cover (generally formalism and defamilarisation as it relates to the short stories presented before).

b) I planned to cover plot, principles, and then applications.

c) I shared this will a colleague to firm the structure (and to redirect me more onto ideas and A01 than analysis and A02). These ideas were linked to the directed questions from the WSC website.

d) I firmed up the structure once more, focusing on ideas, cutting the analysis down massively.

e) Once completed, I downloaded pictures relating to slides: from this I created the textboxes (with a shadow effect).

f) Finally, I harvested quotations from the stories that elucidated both the plot and the given questions. These then created a structure for the slides that allowed discussion and argument creation.

See below for the development of the PowerPoints, and for the lecture itself.