There is a dearth of exemplar answers for Paper 1 Section A. In fact, throughout my university (and, to an extent, A-Level and GCSE) career, I rarely saw exemplar answers.

I’d like to this this was largely due to the issues of tying students to a distinct style of writing. Indeed, it might have been also rather due to the fact that there is a kind of throw-back machismo in teaching that requires students to learn through some sort of osmosis. And, of course, it be down to the simple fact that considering the principles by which students answer exams can be a somewhat futile exercise.

The principles to which I shaped in my previous post might very change. At the very least they will develop. They might be too wholly for some. They might be too perspective for others. However, I hope that some of those who look at this, and use it, might share some of the principles by which they teach (and learn) the kind of non-fiction analytical skills required for Paper 1 Section A.

This is my first time using AuthorStream in uploading PowerPoint to videos. If it works well, which it seems to, the next step would be to encourage students to critique their own work (as well as that of others.)

You might find that you need to enlarge the video with the generic tool on the bottom right of the tool bar to read the text.