After one term of using OneNote in the English classroom, this is what I found:

a) Navigating PowerPoints via a printout on OneNote is more functional:

Being able to scroll up and down through the PowerPoint was interesting and useful. A key number of students were able to respond next to the slides themselves which offers both validation and celebration of ideas.

b) The technology did not always sync perfectly:

Anything with a PowerPoint slide wouldn’t always load, especially on tablet devices accessing OneNote… perhaps I could have slides for students to respond on phones where necessary?

c) There were continual issues with recording that need to be ironed out. Being able to connect reliably will help.

Not just this, but perhaps using screencastomatic or similar software would overcome these issues.

d) The key step is knowing how to integrate a return to ideas previously stated in class:

It worked well with older students where they could share ideas and curate a kind of ideas-based platform for themselves.
It didn’t work well in terms of organising information, especially where there were extras. It is hard to return such information, and to return to it well.