Today is a particularly gorgeous day. Sitting indoors marking not the kind of thing that I want to be doing. Therefore, I want to ensure that I:

a) Complete all my marking in a useful way.

b) Get a chance to enjoy the sun and the company of friends.

c) Still sleep well.

Therefore, following the advice of a blog post similar to this

I first skim read the books that I need to mark. I then decide on 3-5 targets. Returning to the books, I indicate (with a highlighter) what part needs to be addressed with the specific icon-based target. Suggested icons for a paragraph of GCSE analysis are as follows:

! Rephrase analysis so it adds something new

* Aim for a contrast or alternative interpretation

& Ensure your analysis makes a mention of question…

% Aim for consequence analysis (synthesis of previous points)

There were 3-4 books out the 30 students in this class whose work surpassed each of these targets. For them, I gave them specific targets (again with a highlighter).

The students are to record their target from these icons, and then respond to it, next lesson. I will probably model a response to each of these icons. However, it means that the students are seeing exactly how to progress. The differentiation comes in choosing exactly which sentence or paragraph the students will improve.

I feel this will be fruitful.