In an hour I will be in school due to deliver revision to my Year 11s prior to their literature. Well, I say deliver: I think it is better suited to suggest that students perform their revision.

If my students are able to find their ways onto a computer, then they should use the teachit timer to plan 15 minutes of revision. I will give them a selection of tasks: they will complete them.

We will work on the poems. Students will write questions, and things they notice about them, and comment on other people’s. I’ll take pictures, while the students complete independent tasks:

Roll random page and answer question.

List of themes in literature.

List poems and at least one quote for each.

List short stories and at least one quote – up to three.

Write summary of events for each section – one quote for each section.

They’ll reflect on their 15 minutes of revision.

We’ll then randomly roll poems in the top 500. Students will need to be able to give meaning, and between 1-3 quotes that they notice.

We’ll also look at style of writing for sections of the exam with their booklet of A/A* paragraphs.