For a fair while I have not typed a message on blog. I barely read blogs myself, consuming mostly reddit posts and mainstream media outlets. I refuse to engage with social media where perhaps much of my audience has long since migrated.  

The limitations of my desire to consume social media, and the dangers of social media on the human psyche, mean I have published less writing. But real life continues. Results in school and my overall performance as a classroom teacher continue to be good. The same levels of quality are achieved with increasing efficiency. Of course, what constitutes high performance differs across different people, and the different agendas judge this more differently still.

The prime institutional task of any international school are university placements. By that matrix, my students are extraordinary. There more more to my ambitions than that, but without that ambition achieved, little else will matter… 

Thinking a little more about language, I consider the limitations of my language and the reductions of my psychology. By psychology I mean the clashes of culture that reside within me (think Tony Harrison!). At times, I might not even have an awareness of cultures that influence me (think ‘Rules of Power). The life coaches I have met believe in cultures I not only do not easily recognise, but probably dismiss when I do. 


Limitations in education are not all bad. Limitations also lead to situated experiences, and all knoweledge is situated. I am blessed in my current school set up. Students work earnestly hard, have great language skills, and make for a privileged environment. I am fitter and happier than ever, and improve each month incrementally in my skills. All knowledge is specific, not general, and my situated circumstances are currently a real blessing in their limited focus.