On the recommendation of a colleague from New Zealand, I have been exploring a tremendous resource pack called ‘Key Into Inference’.

Anyone reading my blog will be aware of my push towards criteria-based planning (rather than content-based planning). There must, of course, be an awareness of cannon (and HuntingEnglish’s blog post on planning this into the curriculum is inspiring stuff: http://www.huntingenglish.com/2013/11/22/whats-english-curriculum/)

However, I want to build into my lessons are greater awareness of the significance of connotation, and of its fundamental importance in guiding all students to improve in English.

To this end, there is no greater pick-up resource than Key Into Inference: https://shop.acer.edu.au/acer-shop/group/KEY

What makes this resource superior to the TES and Teachit model (which have a wonderful place in my heart still…) is that it structures the teaching of inference skills. It guides students to reflect on how they were able to infer.

Quite why this isn’t more popular astounds me. The introduction outlines the theory involved, and the structure follows reading age skills, too. In all, this is a tremendous resource, especially for EAL students.