It should be clear that I enjoy writing. My students have been producing writing for homework. The proviso behind this is that they develop themselves as writers.

Quite how to do this is easier said than done. Writing is inherently a tricky medium. Effective, interesting writing exists in the realm of connotation; it allows the reader to interact with the literature in a manner of their choosing. The issue, of course, is that not every student has a firm grasp of connotation, and many more still lack the inclination to read beyond plot and denotation.

Therefore, simply getting students to write and share seems to be a starting point for encouraging them to become writers.

To this end, I recommend using writing prompts. Some examples are: – decent ideas, but lacking in visual stimulus. as above. much better as a selection for students to choose from the best by far. Visual writing prompts that are engaging, varied and rigorous. Worthy.

I am going to use the final website and will see to what extent it encourages my students to become independent writers. I might combine this with Evernote or a similar synchronising tool.