It has been a while since I wrote. My headspace has been in academic study, and distant-study at that. 

Perhaps my reticence exists because I wonder for whom am I writing?

TQG used to be anonymous until a zealous workshop in NATE ‘outed’ it back in the day. Since then I am not really sure of my audience. 

My approach is not necessarily easy or quick:

It is a cerebral approach.

It is a practical approach, but requires investment. It is not a ‘pick up and go’ on Sunday evening, although I may branch more into that material soon. 

It is an intergrated approach to teaching, acknowledging the spectrums of content and skill, of didactic vs inquiry, of ethical vs economic. 

It is a wilely approach to teaching, inspiring and well-read. 

Perhaps I should write more ‘read a blog post and go’ resources. We have all been there, and there is a real need for efficient solutions that can be upscaled later. 

I have found the reflection stimulating. It is not always helpful, and sometimes it problematises understanding and approaches, a tricky experience when tired in teaching.

I am not so tired anymore.