Data is a difficult thing to manage in school, especially in terms of doing something useful with it .

Here, from a teacher’s point of view, are some points on how to use something like SERCO’s progresso to improve teaching and learning.

Tasks I do every day using Facility are:
Take register

Add behaviour events

Tasks I do every week/month/Half Termly/Termly using Facility are:
Run behaviour Reports

Input summative grades for reports

Edit tutor comments

Tasks I don’t do in Facility and use excel or other MS application for:
Edit behaviour reports for conditional formatting, cumulative scoring (i.e. behaviour point total each week), school, class and year ranking.
My excel markbook in order to rank class and judge ability to complete various data-related tasks by formative rubric marking (creating categories based on 1-4).
I edit form tutor comments in word prior to entering progresso.
Tasks I would like to do in Progresso:

(Think Outside the Box!)
Create a flight-plan, with options for comment boxes regarding summative assessments.
Indicate to students their behaviour points, controlling what they might, or might not, see.
Find a balance between what parents might see, and what students might see.