I read this morning a post I wrote on my use of I Done This (sic). It spoke of how I reply to an email on a daily basis with four points:

a) Exercised. Either walking to work, attending the gym, playing competitively, or home exercise.
b) Worked: Completing an allocated task, or something that goes beyond that day.
c) Experienced: Something esoteric or trivial that I will remember (such as the tenor singing above).
d) Received: Something that I am grateful for that someone else has done for me.

I found that I used this in the following ways:

a) Vitality: Something that I did to benefit my health. EvenĀ il dolce far niente!
b) Work: Something worthy of note.
c) Social: Something that I did with or for others.
d) Experienced: Something unusual of the day to show I was paying attention.

I think that this is perhaps a way into journal writing for those who do not do so naturally…