For a few years I’ve been using a free online tool called ‘I done This’.  Each day at 4pm I receive an email. I reply to it, and it sends me information based on what I have done previously. For example, this day last year I:

  • Sang Tenor in Class
  • Realised the importance of planning work and pausing

I think the first refers to a teaching point I made by singing (badly) some poetry to demonstrate how words should rely more on context than performance. It was also well-received. The second point refers to how I had planned where to pause a video in relation to specific questions, and how it made such a resource more useful.

What I have found so far, though, is that my predominant words ‘ate’, ‘saw’, ‘played’ and ‘purchased’ as well as several names of those I see most often. This, I think, fairly typical of an instinctual use of such a product by a Western man. What I want to do now, though, is produce a more rigorous diary worthy of my reflection. Therefore, each day I shall write where I have:

a) Exercised. Either walking to work, attending the gym, playing competitively, or home exercise.
b) Worked: Completing an allocated task, or something that goes beyond that day.
c) Experienced: Something esoteric or trivial that I will remember (such as the tenor singing above).
d) Received: Something that I am grateful for that someone else has done for me.

The tool itself has great potential for team work (costing £2.50 per person, per month). More on that if I use it…