Finish tasks started in class. The following paraphrases the tasks:

Anil –
1) Pick out the words: Select at least two words for each category (preferably between 3-5), and choose two of your own categories.

2) The Tree: Pick at least two quotations relating to the tree and analyse them. Complete the creative extension: five sentences.

3) Suspense chart: Choose ten moments in the story.  Then draw them onto the graph as points. Then write paragraph (at least five to eight sentences) of how suspense is created.

The Darkness Out There

1) Tick or cross or question-mark each statement and discuss with someone.

2) Write five ‘Kerry is’ statements, and support with quotation.

3) Allocate each quotation to either ‘teenager’ or ‘adult’, and then write three analytical paragraphs about his change. Must have at least 2 sentences of analysis in each, and at least 3-5 sentences analysis in one.