What are your favourite films ? To brainstorm.

Place onto board.

Categorise favourite films that have been placed onto board.

Draw out idea that films can cross genres/types.  

What do you expect from your favourite film into a genre? Model expectations of a genre e.g. Action. 


Pupils to use print resource to 


What is something distinctive about a certain genre?

Pupils to choose top 3 expectations of their genre – and to feedback their top 1 as an exit question.

1.    List 3 things your neighbour has learned

1) Plan a poem on the theme of treasure.
2) Follow the above plan to brainstorm films, and allocate to genres of comedy, horror, action and ‘other’.
3) Decide on what characteristics you might see in each these genres. You can take these from any films you might have seen. Follow example below.

Genre of Film: Comedy
Characters: Misunderstood boyfriend; forgetful old man; excitable animal; someone will an unusual name.
Props: Custard pie; extravagant car; things that fall on someone’s head.
Scenes: An awkward phone-call scene; failing at sport scene; an angry animal.
Clothes: a tight fitting suit; outrageous colours; top hat/old fashioned clothes; outrageous shoes.