This morning (on my Middle Eastern weekend) I wrote an exemplar for the AQA CATs. Having reinstalled my laptop (again!), I had misplaced my Office licence. Not wanting to use Open Office just yet, I stumbled serendipitously upon the wonderful website

Using this, I was able to type out an exemplar, and see various details of the writing (word/sentence length, relative complexity, word density etc). For a free program, this was pleasing. There also seemed to be an automatic saving of the cache (so you perhaps don’t lose your progress in the event of a crash, although I wouldn’t type anything essential into this without having it on a word document first!). Saying that, there is an autosave function, so anything short of official coursework I would trust to this.

It also has a great option to read back what you have written: something that would have been very useful after an all-nighter back in the day…