You could be a genius. The only problem is… Have you got the will to succeed?

People have many different understandings of what the word genius actually means. Some might suggest that a genius is someone with an IQ of over 180; others will say that they are exceptional in one or more field(s). People will stereotype geniuses, saying they have braces, huge glasses and tuck their shirts into brown chords pulled up to their chest. But in actual fact, the only difference between you and a genius is the ability to control something deep inside our subconscious… A single fear.

All fear is natural, all fear is good, but this type of fear is not . This fear, ‘The Fear’, hinders our natural ability to succeed; it grips every single one of us; including me. This is the fear of showing the world what you know. This fear stops you from showing the world what amazing abilities you possess. The best example of this is: Have you ever sat in a class and the teacher would say something along the lines of “What does the author try to reveal about the protagonist in his description?” You then think “That the protagonist is trying to act like a strong, powerful, strong-minded person but on the inside he is actually a weak, shy and afraid.” Why aren’t you raising your hand at this point? Showing the rest of the class that you aren’t afraid to show them or the teacher what you know and that you have a deep, analytical mind! The reason is, ‘The Fear’ is holding you back. It is stopping you from displaying your truly amazing natural talent. The only difference between you and a genius is that a genius will not surrender to this fear; they overcome it and show it that you are better than it is. For the world is what you make of it but it will always try to make you what it wants you to be. What I mean by this is that you and the world are in a constant struggle to come out on top; and you will win or lose on how you control ‘The Fear’. A genius is usually described as someone who is outstanding. They stand out, the only reason you may not is that this paralysing fear is stopping you.

Geniuses are thought of as outstanding or unique in their ability of knowledge. So why are you not? A genius will control the urge to keep their hand down, to leave it. You, I, the person sat next to you in maths, cannot. We all know the feeling, you know the answer but you keep your hand down. ‘The Fear’ stops you from accomplish what you want. There is a way to make you a genius, even if you think there is no chance on this planet. If you think this, you have already surrendered, you have given up, you have no desire you accomplish anything. No one should feel this way; it is a curse on the human nature, the very fabric that makes your being. The way you can become a genius is simple; follow my steps. But I do warn you now, you must have self-determination and a strong will is you wish to succeed. If you have these you are already on your way to the finish line. If you think you do not have the brains to do this, then go and get them. Anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Go ahead and read; read anything you want. Reading is exercise for the mind, if you read fiction go on and do so. If you like chemistry, get a book. Choose a field you enjoy and read everything there is to know. All the way from the absolute basics… All the way to most advanced things you can get your hands on. But do not skip ahead of yourself, this process takes time and rushing it will cause it to not work effectively. The genius has an ability to understand, and once you start this journey you will start to understand things in other subjects as you have accustomed your mind to learning new things. In time, because you have been teaching yourself to understand and learn; naturally you will start to control ‘The Fear’ and you will raise your hand, you will share in lessons and you will achieve the dreams you have wanted. It is long, but what you get in the end outweighs the entire struggle. In the end ‘The Fear’ will be a long forgotten nuisance of the old you. So you will one day look back at the old you and think that you could have been going nowhere. But you refused to bow at the mighty throne that is the rest of the world, and you refused to let fear hold you back from accomplishing what you set out to achieve. You are not bullied, tormented or under the command of a silly little fear any more, you are an independent self-teaching genius who has undergone an extraordinary journey to do this.

Please, do not think you will become a prodigy, do not confuse the terms prodigy and genius. A genius has the ability to control ‘The Fear’ and has the ability to UNDERSTAND. A prodigy on the other hand does not have ‘The Fear’ and has the ability to KNOW. Prodigies seem to have the answers already but geniuses have ‘The Fear’ but teach themselves how to understand the facts and aren’t afraid to show the world. Prodigies are born, geniuses teach themselves.

My conclusion is simple, only you can make the world what you want. You cannot be pushed around by it, or this fear. It is all in your control, but you can only have it if you choose it. Nothing will materialise out of nothing. You have you overcome, adapt and will your way past ‘The Fear’ and only you can do this; no one will do it for you. You will become it if you go down this path of learning, self-discovery and interest… A genius.




“The world is what you make of it, but the world will always try to make you what the world wants you to be”




The End?