Gifted and Talented Reporting Project
Fair Trade Day for Year 7s
27th February 2012

What is the purpose of this project?

For a selection of Gifted and Talented students from Year 8 and Year 9 to report on the Fair Trade day for Year 7 on 27th February 2012.

They will gain experience of interviewing and creating copy through note-taking, and self-editing articles to be published on the school website through the day.

Most importantly, they should enjoy the day and their chance to be off timetable.

What writing style should I aim for in my report?

As from our preliminary meeting, it was agreed that our style of writing should be more tabloid than broadsheet in style. Therefore, use the example article included below as a model for your writing. Remember, though, that you are free to write as you wish to present the school and the day in a positive light.

First up for our intrepid Years 7s was a fair trade chocolate activity. 7John bravely battled to see who could devise the fairest division of chocolate, money, and labour. Did this create contention, controversy and consternation?  It did, and was loved by all.

The activity involved..
One student, John, said, “fair trade chocolate apparently tastes better. Mr Anderson hasn’t given me any though, so I guess I’ll have to wait until after school.”

The students only have 30 minutes to complete this activity, so we hope that they can be fairer with their allocation of profit than some of the companies in real life.


It is entirely up to you how many articles you published, and how long they should be. It was suggested that frequent and short would be suitable, but (again) it is up to you to decide.

How should I interview people?

Some points to bear in mind:
Bear in mind that teachers will be busy managing the activities, so you will have to use your charm and tact in approaching them.
Like in class, avoid talking over them. Instead take notes when they are talking, and interview students when they are working.
Introduce yourself, and what you are doing. Say that their quotation could appear on the school website, but first name only.

What kind of questions should I ask?

This is for you to decide! Try to ensure that you collect a range of quotations from students and teachers from the serious (perhaps about how Fair Trade is essential yet often overlooked) to the light-hearted (maybe about how Fair Trade chocolate tastes nicer!)

How will my articles be published on the school website?
1) Take notes on paper or in notepads.
2) Write on a computer: Mrs Crouch has said that the library is possible for this purpose. If this is not possible for a certain lesson, then please see me (Mr Anderson) to use my computer, or find a free computer in school.
3) Type your article onto a word document. Proof-read carefully!
4) Save your article into Mr Anderson’s hand-in work with a suitable title to grab people’s attention (remember work you will have completed on writing headlines.)
5) If you can, let Mr Anderson know that you have written an article. He will post it onto the school website ASAP.

Does it matter if I write the articles in a different way, or cover the day in a different way?

As long as you present yourself, the school and the day in a positive light, and you enjoy yourself, you are free to write your articles as you wish.