For Teachers

Some websites I would recommend heartily!

Kristian Still – a PE teacher, middle-manager and a digital leader. Also inspired this blog!

Trevor Millum – a Poet, teacher and ICT consultant – Established blog with useful tips daily on integrating technology to make life easier, or more interesting, for the teacher – Focusses on social media and teaching – For MfL, but like it shows how technology is really used in the classroom. – Influential commentary on the interactivity of web technology – As above, influential commentary on Web 2.0 technology – MfL and EAL teacher using technology – Inspirational teacher with lots of energy using free technology to expand his classroom – Particularly interesting in regards to leadership and technology in education – Guardian tech weekly audio podcast. I like to pretend I listen to this. – Absolutely immense list of web 2.0 tools – I have 50 posts drafted on work I’ve done with this. – does what it says on the tin Have yet to really get into edmodo, but it is highly recommended… – As with Kristian Still, the blog that inspired this blog – even down to using the same theme!