Spencer, in his usual loud tone, shouted “Everybody quickly to the food room we can pick up some stuff there and then straight to The technology room!” Ryan had doubts in his mind. But with his bandanna on He couldn’t let anyone see he was afraid. “I will start with the barricades in the tech room. Don’t worry about me.” His voice was stale, but strong.

As the class neared the food room they noticed the massive padlock on the door. There was no other way in.


A bloody arm cut through the glass like a knife ready to pierce into human flesh. as The hand slowly went back inside the room.


This time the whole door came through and the teacher Charged at the class like a raging bull. James Screamed and punched him in the face. That was all it took, he was out cold.

The class totally forgot about the plan of going to the food room. “Great plan Spencer.” Danny said in a sarcastic tone. “Shut up Danny.” Spencer replied. “OHHHHH” exclaimed Robert loudly. “Be quiet all of you we don’t need this during a zombie apocolipse” Kendal Shouted. There was a sudden hush. All the class members fell silent.

Alex slowly opened the rusty door. There was a quiet munching sound. Unknown to the class Ryan’s Arms were being digested By one of the un-dead. as Sebastian strolled into the classroom he Glanced to his left, only to see a zombie holding a blood red bandanna. Quickly, Grabbing the nearest sharp tool, Sebastian Ran towards the zombie Shouting “This is what we call in chile…”Slicing the zombie straight in the middle of the neck. “…Payback.”

Trapped, the class cowered. There was no escape. By now the horde was battering in windows, their lifeless eyes hungrily gazing at their supper within.

“We’ve got to do something,” Flynn said. “We can’t stay here forever.”

“We’ve got to find a way out.” Cameron said. “My mum’s packed cheesy sandwiches again. And they’ve sweated. They smell like a sick-filled sock, with extra carroty bits.”

“Well guys,” Alex said, “This is where the fun begins.”