When I first started teaching, I absolutely needed a projector with PowerPoint. It was a wonderful tool to manage attention, and (as I started) the kind of behaviour necessary for learning.

My latest school has enhanced my PowerPoint designs so they are now compelling and non-linear. I manage attention.

You can purchase my Planning for Students PowerPoint here:

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If you work with me (or even know me!) you can download this from the Teacher Drive. There is a template which can be personalised happily.

I deliver some CPD here: 

Video Coming Soon!

The summarised points of the video are as follows:

See PowerPoint as managing attention rather than managing behaviour and rhythm.

Traditional PowerPoint uses are to use bullet points, smaller pictures, with titles on every slide.

Seeing an echo of the compelling picture afterwards.

Text boxes that integrate with the text.

Pictures that metaphorically enhance the learning point.

Music for entry and exit activities.

Timers directly linked on the slide

Easy hyperlinked generic slides to guide the use of other activities and rubrics and suchlike.

Size of PowerPoint can crash some 32bit computers.
Integration of music can increase the size of the PowerPoint massively: compressing the files and ensuring a 2 minute loop can mitigate this, as can having them in library slides of 5-10 files.