For years I have enacted two kinds of planning – the planning that my students will see (PS), and the planning I , and my colleagues and inspectors, will see (PT). The principle of the PS that I do not write anything more than once, and that anything that anything the student will see will be planned into the PowerPoint the students can be seen .

For a good number of years now I have planned for teachers via word documents. Initially using separate documents for each class, I integrated them all into one document that I navigated via Headers.

A far more efficient and responsive way to plan was shown to me by the great Ian Pickering, an Outstanding business and economics teacher. Using OneNote, he is able to plan for teachers on both a weekly basis for all classes, and through the progression of a single class. Kindly sharing this resource with me (having spread this excellent practice across his schools elsewhere) I hope to integrate this into my own practice.

I will post screenshots once integrated.

My vision is that combining this with Planning for PS will allow me to create responsive and compelling lessons for students on a consistent basis while still having a life!

Thanks Ian.