This is a creative writing option that AQA provide that my Year 10s have been studying for several weeks. Charlier Brooker provided some entertainment for us, and I admire how my students have attempted to use as many techniques as possible.

For me, variety is king. Control is essential, but not at the expense of variety. Those who did best in this assessment were able to connect together paragraphs into a cohesive whole, often self-referentially. Other students were able to control paragraphs, but they acted as distinct units rather than building up to conclusions. Speaking of which, the conclusions and introductions were pleasing.

I’ve attempted to include some examples here, but my work computer is increasingly inadequate and it would take too long to embed. Therefore I will comment on only a few.

The student below is able to vary paragraph length for effect: the Swiftian (google ‘A modest proposal…)

This student is able to show effective linking between their paragraphs, and a developed way of constructing them, too.