This half-term the IT-designers in each group of the spoken language anthology discussion groups are hard at work developing their anthologies. Although all are using flip-books, these talented future designers may well use something a little extra. Here are some suggestions as to what they can use:
I always return to this. Storyboarding, character creation, cover designing – very easy, very versatile, very free.
Particularly useful for creating animated logos and titles – would be effective for a digital anthology. Range of fonts and backgrounds would also evoke different moods for different poems (i.e. in tranquillity or a maelstrom.)
If someone is so inclined, they can re-create their anthology in, a versatile free flash website generator. Be wary, though, that such a site may not always be available on the school server, but it is useful to know nevertheless.
Again, like, a title design website. Not as versatile as, but has greater scope for hard-copy projects.
Shows ability to create interactive posters – could link from digital anthology? Effective, particularly, for embedded youtube videos relating to poetry content.