Descriptive and Creative Writing

Descriptive and Creative Writing

Creative Writing

The status of creative writing is curious; Gunther Kress questioned purposefully as to why it is even necessary when most people will not be professional writers. Morso than that, the time needed to write can be consuming. However, in every curriculum the ability to both sense and maybe even control perception is a civilising experience. 

Reconciling a writing identity with a teaching identity is an ongoing battle: here I share some of my writing (albeit much of it exists as fragments elsewhere). The act of writing creatively is a resolute action. 

It is in the spirit of the fragments I currently write and in the need for students to pass descriptive writing tests, I have developed some programmes and approaches that will hopefully do both without undue compromise.  

AQA Paper 1 Question 5 Example Answer in Real Time (with errors!)

Stories for classes

It's been a while since I've written any of the stories I've intend to write. I've spent time handling my host who, until now, have been sound. However, that's taken a little time to sort out. I have an idea to write parts of story for my class. As part of this, I am...

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