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In terms of debating as a form activity, there are two conditions to consider:
a) How much preparation time?
b) How much expected participation?
The Speed Debate is more substantial, and put less onus on the teacher.
The Devil’s Advocate debate has potentially more rewards, but is teacher-intensive.
Please find attached information on the Speed Debate, and of ways to perform the Devil’s Advocate Debate.
One slide is a short 12 minute debate. You can print materials (which could be slightly arduous), or not. The other is a PDF of the Devil’s Advocate debate. (watch our for some sensitive, Western-only arguments on marriage etc)
Alternatively, you could have two teams of 3-4 students with 3 speakers on each side and alternate between each team. This is a standard World Student Debate style. The debate club seniors could help with this (they’re really good!), and are bookable via Jeremy Grigg.
Devil’s Advocate Details: 
Finally, are perhaps the most ideal, is for the teacher to express the point of view of obnoxious authority, perhaps, for example, with a contentious opinion piece from the Daily Mail or similar. They invite the class to attack the presumptions of the voice of the article.
This does, of course, require some trust and skill. It is not advisable to express the nefarious ideas of these articles without…
Chris Brown: people who go back to an abusive partner deserve what they get. They should know what they are getting in for.
counterargument… There is no justification for being treated in an abusive way. Victim blaming is a weak argument.
Adopt the point of the view of ‘authority’ and challenge the students with an obnoxious viewpoint. Use the ‘Po’ Slide. Of course, this requires distinct judgement.