Some of the materials needed for this is posted below.

Materials will be revised as an ongoing process.

Audience for anthology: Year 11 GCSE students interested in reading new poetry.There are four steps:
Step 1 – one lesson (set homework)
Form groups of 4 students. Either chosen by teacher (if mixed ability) or by student choice.All students to decide on 1 poem (and a second poem for comparison) each to argue for being the flagship poem for their anthology.All students must choose different pairs, but they can have one of the poems the same.
Worksheet for choosing

Step 2 – one/two lessons (plus homework)
All students to complete worksheet to garner information to complete PowerPoint.
Worksheet for analysing poems

Step 3 – one lesson (plus homework)
All students convert information on work sheet onto PPt, and one student to convert all the PPt into a flipbook.
PowerPoint template
Example flipbook

Step 4 one lesson
All students to practise argument/discussion:
Which poem should be the flagship poem for the anthology and why?
What should be the title for the anthology and why?
Cards for roles of discussion
Updated cards

Video example of discussion (to write script) 5 two-three lessons
Assessing the group discussion tasks
Sheet for criteria)