Hello all, 

It has been a fair time since I wrote for this blog, for various reasons. COVID hit the education world hard, removing some of the usual connections. 

My current situation is appreciable. Students are invested in achieving well academically, usually because they are connected to multiple role models of success, often both parents. We can hardness that expectation to succeed to more intrinsic motivation, especially in my subject. But even if the motivation was only ‘do well in exams because you will benefit’, students can use that. 

End of Year exams are coming soon. So often am I motivated to teach in a way I wish I received. Therefore, I think: 

a) Material that is… 

b) Cornell notes… 

c) A chance to revise socially… 


Therefore, revision for literature will be: 

a) Paper 1: Time yourself, 10 minutes to read and annotate an extract. Then 15 minutes to write a thesis, and opening paragraph of 3 quotations. 

b) Paper 2 text revision: revise 2-3 texts you feel you can use for Paper 2.

i) Use the Cornell Note structure in our booklets, create verbal responses to the questions for one pomodoro: tired to speak in more detail; incorporate quotations; link to the given themes.   
ii) Using the Quizlet structure, revise some of the given quotes. Tiered to create your own quotations. 
iii) Begin to practice using Paper 2 questions: plan for two main points of comparison with relevant quotations + concepts for analysis. 

c) Revision should be regular and engaged: worthwhile and forming good habits. 


For the g