Type the connotations that you associate with a particular colour

Light blue
Sky, aspiration, safety, mellow, coolness, freedom, peace calmness, relaxation hospitality holiday sea ,rest, tranquility, year 11, hope, pure, calm, clean, nurse, victory, new life, aspiration, sea. adventure, sadness,l iberty, CLARITy, baby

Passion, danger, nature of the beast, love, intensity, anger, fury, stress, love, death, romance, distress, hunger, lust, pain, life, rage, UNIGNORABLE , high pressure, anxiety, patriotic, , blood,  danger, independence, intensity, danger,


warmth, brightness, vibrant, outgoing, new beginning , Sun, redemption, Warning, sickness, riches/wealth, warmth, joy ,touch of innocence, illness, angelicspring colour of unknown baby gender ,neutral ,calm, children, happiness, sunshine, hazard , nature, that’s the spirit!


Grass, youth, Earth, nature, success, safety, wisdom, disease, decay, mystical, neutral, goodness, warmth, spring  life mellow, illness, at one with nature, peace, turtles, grass, freedom, endless life, fruitfulness,

Death, formality, seriousness, suicide, pain , darkness, loneliness, emptiness, extremism. unknown, exorcist like ,despair, deprivation, magnificent, nihilism, night, soul, fear, time passing, void, nothingness, pointlessness, morose, morbid, sombre, solemn, morbid GOTHS hurt