I recently watched the Matrix again, and wondered to which extent the video of the Albino twins reflected the tension (and nature) of how connotation/denotation act in the world outside books, and how interpretation affects reality.

If the denotation/connotation, figurative/literal split is taken as being fudamental to English studies, then what happens to a connotation once it has been interpreted and expressed?

The Matrix Albino twin exists in a denotational, physical and literal form – it can affects reality, and those that exist. However, it can also transmogrify into a literal form that can attack those around him.

To what extent might this exist as a metaphor for how connotations exist in real life?

For example, the person who says: “No offense, but…” perhaps exists to express offense, but without the connotations become denotational, and sticking to them, therefore judging them.

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