A backlog of posts awaits, mostly due to the time-management overload of starting a new school (something which will itself deserve some reflection).

Sitting here in school on a Saturday morning with time ticking away, I am working my way through some tasks that have hung on for many months. One is to watch this video by Ewan McIntosh:

The key thing in talks like this is the excitement and engagement of the speaker. I have increasingly become an advocate of Michael Marland’s ‘classroom craft’, and enjoy the routines and progression of classroom teaching. There are distinct limits, and the enthusiasm I generate needs to be lasting and extrinsic.

The call for a real audience appeals to me with this.

The call for a student-centred curriculum and the like still makes me wonder: who are these teachers who are doing so in classrooms? How are they rated by parents and the powers-that-be? Why is a student-centred curriculum desirable? It feels like it is, but with piles of paper on all my table and papers from my predecessor needing to be cleared, these questions will sit quietly on my mind.