Recently I spoke to a colleague in our primary school about rubrics, and was directed to two websites. Both have limitations, but might prove useful to teachers who are considering including rubric-based marking in their practice.

The first website, Rubistar, is decent enough, but is perhaps too detailed. It does have examples, but often they are too detailed. wants to be your solution to everything. I doubt that anyone uses this for everything, although I can see many people trying. It is detailed, but has a clunky design. The quality of the rubrics is….

Overall, I use my APP rubrics: I am increasingly interested in seeing how these rubrics compare to those from other curriculums, and eventually (perhaps!) creating legimate graded ones of my own according to my models of analysing and writing (or, more likely, my models of marking analysing and writing).

Rubric Example

Of course, these rubrics need to relate to:

Teacher – markbook and ranking
Student – Smart Targets and self-notified reflections.

Overall, a useful starting point. However, it needs to be refined for your students.